Wooden Gutters in Spout Green

wooden gutterThere are a large number of properties in Spout Green with wooden guttering, however not many companies these days specialise in or will even fit/repair wooden guttering. Our company has a huge wealth of experience at delivery quality wooden guttering and repairing wooden gutters in your area.

Wooden Gutters often require a specialist fitment as the wood must be subjected to a pressure treatment process often in a vacuum in order to ensure longevity of the guttering system. All the joints are then leaded using elastic and adhesive.

Repair and fitment of Wooden Gutters in Spout Green

We offer both repair and fitment of wooden gutters. If you fear that your current wooden guttering system may be leaking on in a bad state of repair then give us a call and we will be able to give you a free assessment. We avoid suggesting repair/maintenance work unless it is necessary as we have built our business on strong customer relationships and do not want to jeopardize these.

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